Miraharden Plus


Lithium silicate concrete hardener

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Miraharden Plus is a premium lithium silicate hardener and densifier for concrete surfaces that deeply penetrates and reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Treated concrete will resist damage from water and surface abrasion whilst dustproofing, resulting in an increased surface lifespan and ease of maintenance. Due to ease of penetration it is commonly applied to new slabs after finishing, or 28 days after concrete placement. Miraharden Plus can also be used on existing concrete and previously densified floors where sodium or potassium silicate was previously applied, deteriorating and no longer dustproof. Miraharden Plus is quick drying and does not require flushing with water after application making installation fast, cost effective and reduces down time. Miraharden Plus is ideal for use on exposed and polished concrete.


Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of ponded water prior to application.

Clean surface to remove any dirt, laitance, previous coatings or curing agents that may prevent penetration of the material. Ensure all residual cleaning agents or strippers are removed and surface is flushed with clean water and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Confirm absorbency of surface with a light water spray, ensuring penetration into the surface is achieved.

It is recommended to undertake a test sample to confirm the suitability of the product for specific substrates and ensure desired results are achieved.

Air and Surface Temperature

The air and surface temperature should be between 4ºC and 38ºC. In hot conditions, cool the surface by pre wetting with a light spray of water and allow standing water to evaporate.

Application Method

Using a low-pressure sprayer fitted with an adjustable spray tip, apply evenly to the surface at a sufficient rate ensuring to avoid producing puddles. The treated surfaces should stay wet for 5-10 minutes following the initial application. Reapply to areas of greater porosity that dry in less than 5-10 minutes with additional Miraharden Plus.

If excessive product is applied or puddles of material are present on the surface after 15 minutes, rinse the surface with water to remove. If puddles are allowed to dry, white residue remaining on the surface could result.

Let treated surfaces dry thoroughly, approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Remove any dried powder residue from the surface using a stiff broom, power sweeper or floor scrubbing machine.

For application on freshly placed concrete, apply after final trowel finishing once bleed water has gone and application procedure will not mar the surface. Joints can be cut prior to application of the densifier but dust and debris from saw cutting must be removed. It is recommended to cure the concrete to industry standards after the densifier is applied.

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