Polished concrete grouting polymer

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Mirabind is a water-based modified latex-acrylic binding agent, designed to fill pores and grout pin holes and minor imperfections as part of the Mirafloor polished concrete system. The material displays high bond strength with the concrete substrate, and when combined with concrete dust created by the grinding process, creates a surface that is integral to the subsequent polishing process.


Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Thoroughly polish the concrete to minimum 60 grit. Remove any coarse scratches created during initial grinding stage.

Application Method

Spray the area to be treated with water to ensure the concrete is damp for application. Remove any puddles as these will dilute the solution and affect the bonding strength. Using an industrial pump sprayer, apply the product liberally to the area 3-4 metres in front of the grinding machine, with an effective working area of approximately 6-10m2. Use a soft-bristled broom to spread the Mirabind evenly across the surface.

While the Mirabind is still wet, grind the surface with 50 grit Mirafloor Fusion (or suitable comparable grit) diamonds at a medium speed. This process will remove scratches from the previous pass. Dust from the grinding process will mix with the Mirabind to create slurry that will fill holes and imperfections in the concrete. Continue grinding at an effective speed until the excess is removed from the surface and repeat as required. Check the holes and fine surface defects have been filled sufficiently before continuing the process. If shallow depressions still remain, change to a one step finer grit diamond and follow the process steps until satisfactory filling is achieved.

Allow the surface to completely dry before gently sweeping to remove any excess debris ready for application of Mirahard densifier.

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