Water based penetrating sealer

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Miraguard is a semi-penetrating, breathable, colour enhancing sealer for concrete with a high gloss finish. Incorporating the benefits of our Miraharden Plus surface densifier, this easy to apply lithium silicate treatment penetrates and reacts with concrete, increasing hardness, surface density and durability on prepared existing and new surfaces. Application will create a water-resistant surface that resists damage from ingress of liquids, chemical attack and an increase in surface abrasion resistance.


Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Miraguard may be applied to steel trowelled, mechanically ground, polished or highly polished concrete surfaces, new and existing concrete, concrete with dry shakes, coloured and acid- stained concrete, cementitious tiles, terrazzo, and concrete previously treated with sodium or potassium silicate hardeners.

For best results, surfaces should be treated with Miraharden Plus prior to application of Miraguard.

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of ponded water prior to application.

Clean surface to remove any dirt, laitance, previous coatings or curing agents that may prevent penetration of the material. Ensure all residual cleaning agents or strippers are removed and surface is flushed with clean water and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Confirm absorbency of surface with a light water spray, ensuring penetration into the surface is achieved.

It is recommended to undertake a test sample to confirm the suitability of the product for specific substrates and ensure desired results are achieved.

Application Temperature

The air and surface temperature should be between 4ºC and 32ºC.

Application Method

Using a low-pressure sprayer fitted with an adjustable spray tip, apply a thin, even coat of Miraguard to dense, smooth concrete surfaces at a rate of 20-30 m²/litre. Application rates may vary depending on surface porosity.

Using a microfibre pad spread the product in a thin uniform layer, ensuring no pooling or brush marks. The microfiber pad should be pre-moistened with Miraguard prior to use. Stop spreading once product begins to dry.

Allow Miraguard to dry tack-free for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Buff the sealer with heat pad between coats. Apply additional coats to increase the coverage and gloss. Coverage rates will increase as each coat that is applied. Always burnish between Miraguard coats.

To achieve a high gloss and stain resistant protective sheen, application of up to three thin coats of Miraguard may be applied.

The sealed surface must be burnished using high-speed burnishing equipment fitted with heat polishing pads or other approved Mirafloor high-speed burnishing pads. The burnishing action will polish the treated surface and heats the Miraguard to help fuse and bond it with the concrete for increased durability and longevity.

Surface is ready for traffic within 1 hour of burnishing under typical conditions.

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