Hydroc Plug


Waterproofing plug repair mortar

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Hydroc Plug is a fast setting, single component cementitious plugging mortar that permanently stops seepage of water and pressure leaks from cracks and construction joints.

1 x 15kg

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Hydroc Plug must be applied to a clean surface free of contaminants. Remove any weak, spalling, unconsolidated concrete and existing coatings prior to thoroughly cleaning the surface. The use of mechanical preparation such as pressure or grit blasting may be required to ensure a clean and suitable substrate.

Application Method

Thoroughly and quickly mix the powder and water for no more than 60 seconds in approx. mass ratio of 3 to 1. (Hydroc Plug to water).

Some heat will be released. Mix only the quantity that can be immediately applied by gloved hand or trowel.

Quickly place the mixed mortar firmly into the leaking voids and hold in place with a gloved hand or trowel until the mortar is sufficiently hard to remain in place.

When the leak is completely stopped, a 2-3 mm layer of Hydroc Render can be applied over the Hydroc Plug mortar.

If the water pressure is very high and dislodges the applied mortar, use a timber plug or similar which can then be covered and secured with Hydroc Plug mortar.

Plug shall be applied from the lowest point of water leak or seepage working up to the highest progressively.

It is recommended that situations of high water pressure be released by drilling a penetration in the substrate and installing a drainage pipe prior to applying Hydroc Plug to areas of existing leakage. When complete, remove pipe and apply Hydroc Plug to the penetration.

Curing Time

All exposed areas should be thoroughly cured. This should be done as soon as the surface is firm, by the use of concrete curing membrane, continuous application of water or wet hessian.

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