HD Degreaser

Heavy duty degreaser

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Fincare HD Degreaser is a heavy duty degreaser with a concentrated formulation of selected surfactants, alkaline salts, orange oil extract and naturally sourced solubilising agents. This product is used to clean and degrease in industrial, commercial and domestic applications whiich quickly removes grease, industrial soiling and petroleum-based liquid products.

1 x 20L

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Application Method

Dilute material to desired concentration and slowly stir the material until thoroughly mixed. Apply with spray unit or stiff brush at sufficient rate to achieve consistent coverage.

Allow to Fincare HD Degreaser to dwell on the surface for up to 15 mins.

Remove the contaminant with brush, mop, vaccum, autoscrubber or pressure washer until all contaminants are removed. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly with clean water, noting to wash vertical surfaces from the top down to avoid re-soiling of cleaned areas.

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