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Miramaintain is specifically formulated lithium-based cleaner designed for use on Mirafloor polished concrete and lithium silicate hardened surfaces. The product assists the maintenance of treated concrete floors due to addition of lithium silicate hardener-densifier. The lithium silicate component hardens any residual soft calcium hydroxide or newly created softening created by wear and tear in the form of micro-etching. In combination with the effective blend of detergent and degreasers, the product removes most ordinary dirt and build up found on concrete floors. It is suitable for use on almost any concrete floor including concrete with previous silicate hardening treatments. It has a broad range of applications including retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and restaurants. Regular cleaning and preservation with Miramaintain will ensure continued performance, improved appearance and reduce long term maintenance costs.

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Ensure that any loose materials are swept or vacuumed from the surface to be cleaned. Pre-clean oil spots or other deep stains with suitable Mirafloor preparation product.

Miramaintain can be applied using automatic scrubber or cleaning mop. Optimal air and surface temperatures for cleaning are 10°C or above. Mirafloor does not recommend cleaning when temperatures are below freezing.

Application Method

It is recommended to undertake a test sample to confirm the suitability of the product for specific substrates and ensure desired results are achieved.

Apply with automatic scrubber or a cleaning mop. For routine surface cleaning of concrete floors, rinsing is not necessary. Always use soft brushes or pad when using auto scrubber. An automatic scrubber will vacuum any used product and dissolved contaminants from the surface, or they can be removed by hand mopping.

Do not allow Miramaintain to dry on the surface without washing as it may be difficult to remove. Rinse well with fresh water after deep cleaning. Buff the treated floor with a white or mohair pad to increase shine after cleaning.

Dilution Rates

Normal Cleaning: 150mL/ 10L fresh water

Deep Cleaning: 300mL/10L fresh water

Spot Cleaning: 600mL / 10L fresh water

Application Recommendations

For spot cleaning and heavily soiled areas, use Miramaintain at a dilution of 600mL per 10L of fresh water.

Do not use dilutions stronger than one-part product to three parts water. Always use the mildest effective dilution possible.

Thoroughly rinse deep-cleaned or spot-cleaned surfaces where the dilution used was stronger than used 300mL of Miramaintain concentrate per 10L of fresh water.

Use Miramaintain as part of a regular maintenance plan including daily cleaning with Miraclean and regular deep cleaning on a weekly basis.

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