Low viscosity solvent based penetrating sealer

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Mirafin is a penetrating, low viscosity sealer that will protect and enhance the appearance of polished concrete, natural stone and masonry surfaces. Mirafin exhibits good penetration and is fast drying, providing substrates oil and water repellent qualities and is an ideal final sealer for polished substrates after prior solvent based sealers such as Miraseal have been applied.


Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Ensure unsealed substrates are clean, dust and stain free prior to application. Clean surface to remove any dirt, laitance, previous coatings or curing agents that may prevent penetration of the material.

Scrub and deeply clean previously polished surfaces with Miraclean to remove any dirt or or residue that may prevent penetration of the material.

The surface must be dry prior to application. It is recommended to undertake a test sample to confirm the suitability of the product for specific substrates and ensure desired results are achieved.

Application Temperature

The air and surface temperature should be between 10ºC and 32ºC. Do not use in temperatures of less than 10°C. Optimal application conditions 15-25°C.

Application Method

Slowly stir the material until thoroughly mixed; A saturation single coat or two thinner coats of the product, wet on wet, should be applied to achieve a consistent, enhanced appearance with a wet-look. The properties of the substrate such as porosity and profile will greatly influence the number of coats required.

Using a solvent resistant low-pressure sprayer fitted with an adjustable spray tip, apply a thin, even coat of Mirafin. Using a soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber mop, spread the product in a thin uniform layer, ensuring no pooling or brush marks. It is important to remove excess material to prevent inconsistencies in the enhancement. The microfiber pad should be pre-moistened with Mirafin prior to use.

Buff surface with a white nylon pad or burnish using a high-speed gas powered burnisher with a Mirafloor diamond-impregnated burnishing pad. Ensure excess material is removed from the surface remains before it dries.

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