Invisi SX

Solvent based silicone water repeller

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Finseal Invisi SX is a clear impregnating solvent-based alkali stable silicone – siloxane resin sealer with excellent hydrophobic properties for the protection of concrete, absorbent natural stone and masonry surfaces. Finseal Invisi SX exhibits good penetration and is fast drying, providing resistance to water and waterborne contaminants, whilst being UV resistant. Finseal Invisi SX chemically reacts with calcareous materials, becoming part of surface while maintaining breathability the surface.

1 x 20L

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Ensure substrate is clean, dust and stain free prior to application. Clean surface to remove any dirt, laitance, previous coatings or curing agents that may prevent penetration of the material.

The surface must be dry prior to application.

It is recommended to undertake a test sample to confirm the suitability of the product for specific substrates and ensure desired results are achieved.

Application Method

Slowly stir the material until thoroughly mixed; Using a low-pressure sprayer fitted with an adjustable spray tip, surface must be flooded at a sufficient rate ensuring to achieve full saturation.

Substrates of greater porosity will benefit from a second application, wet on wet, to ensure penetration is achieved. The properties of the substrate such as porosity and profile will greatly influence the amount of material required.

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