Hydroc High Build Mortar

Cementitious high build repair mortar

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Hydroc High Build Mortar is a high build, chemical-resistant repair compound that provides high strength and impermeability when used to repair damaged or spalling concrete surfaces.

1 x 20kg

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Remove any existing coatings and thoroughly clean surface, acid etch, pressure wash then hose to fully impregnate with water and allow drying to a wet dull lustre free of puddles. Any exposed reinforcing should be cleaned and treated with Aardcure Catalyst (steel corrosion inhibitor and surface hardener).

Application Method


Apply Aardcure Catalyst at the rate of 5-6 square metres per litre to further wet the surface without forming puddles. Note: Priming enhances steel corrosion inhibition of repaired concrete and increases bond strength


  • Use a low sheer mechanical mixer to ensure proper mixing.
  • Normal water requirement is 2.1-2.3 litres per 20 kg bag dependant on required viscosity.
  • Place 2 litres of water in a clean mixer bucket. While stirring gradually add High Build Mortar and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.
  • If necessary, add additional water, until a mix of the desired workability is obtained. Mix for a further minimum 1 minute. Use immediately.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply Hydroc High Build Mortar by trowel utilising standard mortar techniques.
  • Minimum fill depth is 20 mm.

Curing Time

Hydroc High Build Mortar should be thoroughly cured. This should be done by the use of a concrete curing membrane such as Aardcure WBS, continuous application of water or covering with wet hessian.

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