Hydroc Fairing Coat

Cementitous waterproofing fairing coat

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Hydroc Fairing Coat is a fine, brushable cementitious coating that features unique penetrative technology and has been developed specifically for providing waterproofing to old and new concrete structures from positive and negative water pressure.

1 x 20kg

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Remove any weak, spalling, unconsolidated concrete and any existing coating and thoroughly clean surface. If steel reinforcement is exposed remove any rusting on the steel surface. If patching is required, please patch with Hydroc Cempatch or High Build Mortar (Hydroc Fairing Coat is a coating only).

Concrete must have the open capillaries. If surface is covered with oily matter the concrete is to be lightly sandblasted, acid etched, or pressure washed. Then hose the concrete surface to fully impregnate with water and allow drying to a wet dull lustre and puddle free.

Application Method


We recommend priming as a part of the installation process described below. Aardcure Catalyst (as a primer) is applied on the concrete substrate in order to passivate the steel reinforcement embedded beneath the concrete and completely harden the concrete surface, creating an appropriate adhesion platform; and as a result, the increased bond strength of Hydroc Fairing Coat coating.

Apply Aardcure Catalyst at the rate of one litre per 3-5 square metres on the dry touch concrete substrate to fully impregnate with Aardcure Catalyst (instead of the water impregnation in the process of surface preparation) and allow drying to a wet dull lustre and puddle free.


  • Use a low sheer mechanical mixer to ensure proper mixing.
  • Normal water requirement is 3.3-3.7 L per 20 kg pail dependant on required viscosity.
  • Place 3 litres of water in a clean mixer bucket. While stirring gradually add Hydroc Render, and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.
  • If necessary, add additional water, until a mix of the desired workability is obtained. Mix for a further minimum 1 minute. Use within 30 minutes.


Apply by concrete brush to a wet, puddle free surface. With a concrete brush, use an aggressive circular motion to coat the concrete with the Hydroc Fairing Coat slurry mix.

To ensure complete coverage with no missed or thin spots, we recommend always applying two coats. The second coat can be applied as soon as the first has set hard. It is usually after about 4 hours depending on conditions.

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