Glow 100

Thinning solvent

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Finseal Glow 100 is a hydrocarbon solvent formulated to strip old concrete sealer prior re-application of new concrete sealer. This unique product removes heavy buildup of old concrete sealers from slate impression, pattern and concrete paving. Finseal Glow 100 performs well in reactivating exising solvent based sealers prior to resealing with Finseal Glow products.

1 x 20L

Technical Data Sheet

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Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Read the Finseal Glow 100 Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information before using this product.

Application Method

  • Apply sealer with solvent resistant spray unit at sufficient rate to achieve consistent coverage in even coats.
  • Apply to surface with a stiff broom or brush. Wait until all layers of sealers are fully dissolved before cleaning the surface with stiff broom or brush.
  • It is not necessary to clean the surface with water after using the product. Reseal the concrete surface for at least 24 hours to enable the evaporation of solvent from the old sealer.
  • Multiple application may be necessary for moisture affected sealer.

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