Expose XA


Surface retarder

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Expose XA is an advanced concrete surface retarder that is uniquely formulated to allow the subsurface to harden while retarding the surface layer. Excellent for exposed aggregate.

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Areas to be treated must be clean, dry, free from sawcutting debris.

Apply Aardcure WAX undiluted to the surface.

Freshly laid concrete

After surface finishing the concrete must be free of bleed water and sufficiently set to be firm and able to be walked on without marking or damaging the surface.

To achieve stated curing efficiency Aardcure WAX must be applied on the day of the pour and not left overnight.

Care must be taken not to apply thick coats as excessive build may cause the film to blush when subjected to ponding which may be unsightly.

Application Method

Assess the application area so that a fixed volume of mixed material can be applied over a fixed area to determine the correct application rate.

Apply Expose XA to trowel finished surfaces after the bleed water has dissipated but before the final ?et?has occurred

Spray Expose XA to the surface in a consistent rate of approx 4-5m2/L ensuring even coverage to entire area, using two light coats in preference to one thick coat to avoid excessive pooling and runs on sloped finishes.

Allow the material to fully penetrate the concrete surface.

Check the tackiness of surface before washing by undertaking ??test, by running fingers over the surface with medium pressure to check the surface curing is sufficiently firm to proceed.

Assess various sections for curing rate prior to proceeding with washing as areas of full sun or shade will cure at different rates.

Wash the surface with suitable pressure via hose or pressure washer with a turbo head to achieve a consistent finish at the desired level of aggregate exposure. If washing on the same day minimal brushing should be required, weather dependent.

Cure the concrete as per recommended curing techniques when sufficiently free of pooling water.

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