Aardcure XA


Concrete surface retarder

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Aarcure XA Concrete Surface Retarder is a uniquely formulated liquid that retards the surface of the concrete, whilst allowing the subsurface to still harden. This unique feature allows easy removal of the treated concrete while the subsurface concrete remains hard and limits the failure of aggregate bond in the exposed concrete.

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Application Guidelines

Freshly laid concrete

Apply at rate of 3-5m2/L to the concrete surface as soon as the initial bleed water has dissipated, but before the initial “set” as occurred. If possible, protect the concrete from direct sunlight and wind as this may “dry out” the concrete surface too quickly.

After approximately 3–14 hours the treated concrete surface can be removed b brushing or water with adequate pressure. The unique properties of Aardcure XA allow the exposed surface of the concrete to be trafficable to foot traffic and light machinery immediately after cleaning.

Application Method

Assess the application area so that a fixed volume of mixed material can be applied over a fixed area to determine the correct application rate.

Agitate the material until thoroughly mixed to ensure effective curing properties.

Application is recommended via low pressure spray unit. Spray at a sufficient rate to achieve consistent coverage in even coats.

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