Aardcure LSA

Water based acrylic curing agent and sealer

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Aardcure LSA is single pack acrylic, water-based hybrid concrete sealer and curing compound. Formulated to achieve excellent penetration and adhesion to concrete, it forms a tough durable film on the surface to protect concrete.

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation

Areas to be treated must be clean, dry, free from sawcutting debris.

Apply Aardcure WBS undiluted to the surface.

Freshly laid concrete

Areas to be treated must be clean, free from standing water and free from saw cutting debris.

To achieve stated curing efficiency Aardcure WBS must be applied on the day of the pour and not left overnight.

Existing concrete

Areas to be treated should be dry. All previous coatings, including cleaners should be completely removed before Aardcure LSA application.


Application Method

Assess the application area so that a fixed volume of mixed material can be applied over a fixed area to determine the correct application rate.

Agitate the material until thoroughly mixed to ensure effective curing properties.

Effective application temperatures are between 10°C and 35°C.

Application is recommended via airless spray unit. Spray at a sufficient rate to achieve consistent coverage in even coats. A short nap roller can also be used for smaller applications.

Curing application at 5m2 per Litre (according to AS3799 standards).

Sealing application at 5-10m2 per Litre (depending on porosity of concrete). Apply the second coat in the opposite direction to the first.