Aardcure Eco


Environmentally friendly curing agent

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Aardcure Eco is a uniquely formulated environmentally friendly liquid curing compound that does not contain hydrocarbon resins and mineral spirits. Aardcure Eco is proven to have better or equal performance to traditional hydrocarbon-based curing compounds, will dust off after 28 days of UV exposure, is water washable and after trade friendly. This product achieves moisture retention of 90% or greater.

Technical Data Sheet

Colour Chart

Application Instructions

Application Guidelines

Areas to be treated must be clean, dry, free from sawcutting debris.

After surface finishing the concrete must be free of bleed water and sufficiently set to be firm and able to be walked on without marking or damaging the surface.

Application Method

Assess the application area so that a fixed volume of mixed material can be applied over a fixed area to determine the correct application rate.

Agitate the material until thoroughly mixed to ensure effective curing properties.

Application is recommended via low pressure spray unit (40psi). Spray at a sufficient rate to achieve consistent coverage in even coats.

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